PSM Course Preview

Process Safety Management is a key Leading Indicators for Plants which are exposed to Hazards as a result of their operations. Hazards such as, but not limited to, flammable and explosive materials, high pressure, high and low temperatures, contaminants, toxic substances. Our PSM Fundamentals course uses Powerpoint Slides, Videos, Workshops, Case Studies, Turning Point Polling to enhance PSM sensibility amongst the participants so as to drive down the incidence of Lagging Indicators, such as Demand on Safety Systems and minor LOPC (Lagging Indicators), which lead inexorably to Damage, Injury and Fatality.

This 2 day course is available for presentation in the UK and worldwide. It can be delivered in its existing generic form, or customised for specific customer needs.

 pdf download  Preview of Process Safety Matters 2 day Process Safety Management Fundamentals course - viewable and downloadable