HAZOP Masterclass


HAZOP is a powerful technique for the systematic identification and mitigation of process safety hazards. More than 40 years after its inception, it is major weapon in the battle to minimise incidents at oil and gas facilities worldwide. For those already experienced in the technique and who want to advance to the next level, HAZOP Masterclass is a two day course which will use a combination of presentation, videos, graphics and workshops to lead the participants through the advanced attributes of the technique.

Learning outcomes

  • Benefit from the Charing wisdom garnered from over 60 HAZOPs / PHAs
  • understand how to plan, implement, record and review a HAZOP study
  • be aware of the different roles within a HAZOP team and understand the key characteristics required by a HAZOP chair and the importance of balancing the HAZOP team dynamic
  • gain an appreciation of the softer skills required to ensure a successful HAZOP
  • develop an instinct for the key HAZOP drivers and hidden traps by participating in a simulated chairing exercise

Who will benefit

  • engineers who need to refresh and update their HAZOP experience
  • experienced HAZOP team members who are targeting team leadership

Course outline

  • HAZOP Fundamentals – A recap
  • Shared HAZOP Experiences
  • Planning, ToR, 1st Meeting, Recording
  • Follow Up, Key Docs, Reports, Company Procedures
  • Decision Making, Team Harmony, 
  • Probability/ Severity, Risk Ranking,
  • Non Standard Applications
  • Distilled Wisdom from 60+ HAZOPs / PHAs
  • Simulated HAZOP (chairing practice session / role playing)
  • Shared HAZOP Experience revisited