LOPA Fundamentals Training


Since its inception over 20 years ago, LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) has become the tool of choice for identifying and estimating Process Safety gaps in industry where hazards are present and need to be contained.

Our course, which has been delivered both in-house and in public, will be present the key tenets of the LOPA technique, demonstrating how to make your facility appropriately safe and profitable.

Learning outcomes

    • The history of LOPA and why it was developed
    • The link between HAZOP and LOPA
    • How to develop Scenarios
    • How to define an independent protection layer (IPL)
    • Which frequency and probability numbers to use
    • How to lead a LOPA study
    • How to maximise your Process Safety Return on Investment 

Who will benefit

    • Experienced HAZOP team members who want to apply the engage with LOPA
    • Those who need to refresh and update their LOPA experience
    • Technical Team Leaders with a P&L responsibility
    • Those with safety and project management responsibilities

Course outline

  • Introduction. Why Use LOPA?
  • History of LOPA and Overview of Technique
  • Alternative Process Hazard Assessments
  • LOPA Methodology
  • Relationship between HAZOP and LOPA
  • Developing Scenarios
  • Severity estimation and targets
  • Initiating events and frequencies
  • Conditional modifiers
  • Independent protection layers
  • Other safety-related protection systems
  • 'aggregation' of scenario frequency
  • Addressing ALARP
  • Meeting Mechanics
  • Introduction to SIL Verification
  • Softer Issues in LOPA 
All modules will be supported by videos, worked examples and electronic polling