HAZOP Course Preview

Participant Course Objectives

  • Understand how to plan, implement, record and review a HAZOP study

  • Recognise and be able to use the key terminology and guidewords associated with a HAZOP study

  • Be aware of the different roles within a HAZOP team and understand the key characteristics required by a HAZOP chair and the importanceof balancing the HAZOP team dynamic

  • Be aware of other process safety review tools and the limitations of aHAZOP study

  • Gain an appreciation of the softer skills required to ensure a successful HAZOP

  • Develop an instinct for the key HAZOP drivers by participating incustomised learning exercises

  • To put the combined learning into practice by leading and participating in a simulated HAZOP exercise


 pdf download  Preview of Process Safety Matters HAZOP course - viewable and downloadable