Consultant - Paul Gornall


HND + 2nd Class B-Eng (Hons) in Chemical  Engineering; Teeside Polytechnic; 1993


C-Eng, MiChem E (May 2000)


 Dynamic, adaptable, and an approachable Chartered Process Engineer with experience in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, bulk gases and the electronics industries. A lateral thinker - an individual who can lead a team or work independently; I have strong communication skills, thrive in an operations environment. I have undertaken validation and four plant start-up of batch primary pharmaceutical facilities. Optimise filter-dryer cycle times and installation of numerous types of dry running vacuum pumps. In addition to process support to reduce chlorinated solvent usage. Fuel gas modelling at a local refinery; design a number of smaller off shore projects – fiscal sampling – sand removal – N2 generation –Hypo Production - on 3 platforms in addition to existing system troubleshooting.


I have completed the following HAZOP / HAZID / Design Reviews / SIL as Chair, Responsible Engineer or Independent Process Engineer – additional reviews available on request.





EOG Resources (T&T)

FEED HAZOP (19-20/05/15)

Touchan Platform Export Booster Compressor


EOG Resources (T&T)

HAZID (18/05/15)

Touchan Platform Export Booster Compressor



SIL (18/03/15)

Well 177 Flowline Installation

Responsible Engineer (RE)

TOTAL (North Alwyn B)

HAZOP (22/01/15)

Emerson GC to analyse methanol in gas export stream


TOTAL (Elgin / Franklin)

HAZOP (27/11/14)

 Scale Inhibitor requirements for Well G10 Start up.


TOTAL (Dunbar Platform)

HAZOP (12/08/14)

MOL Export – Multi Phase Metering System


EnQuest (Thistle Platform)

HAZOP (16/07/14)

HP Flare header, low point auto drain


TAQA ( TERN Platform)

HAZID (25/06/14)

Separator Internals refit & nozzle replacement


TOTAL (Alwyn Platform)

HAZOP (14/05/14)

Separator Sampling skid


EnQuest (Heather Platform)

Design Review (22/04/14)

GTG-3 (Filters) & Broom Sampling


DANA Petroleum (Triton FPSO)

HAZOP (29-01-14)

T1041 – Bittern Line Flush for Pigging

Independent Process Engineer (IPE)


HAZOP (11-12-13)

EID01089 – Fast Loop Sampler


TOTAL (Elgin)

HAZOP (17/18-10-13)

88-C-19584 Installation of a Dry Gas Seal Conditioning System on the Flash Gas Compressor


TAQA (Tern)

HAZOP (5-09-13)

TEA01008 – Pig Launcher Interlock Refurbishment / Replacement


ITHACA Energy (Beatrice Alpha)

HAZOP (28-08-13)

BE3829 – Topsides Improvement Project


GPS - Shell (Mosmorran)

HAZOP (25/26-06-13)

MOSP0074 – Butane Boil off Compressor Replacement


TAQA (Tern)

HAZOP (10-07-13)

TEA00300 – Injection Well Metering


Talisman Energy (Buchan)

HAZOP (13-06-13)

BU3996 - Export Metering Upgrade to 1500# Pipework


DANA Petroleum

HAZOP (12-06-13)



GPS - Shell (Mosmorran)

HAZOP (5-06-13)

MOSP0074 – 1V-5501-H Electric Immersion Heater Replacement


Talisman Energy (Clyde)

HAZOP (22-05-13)

CL 4166 - Lambda Production Well Facilities


Dec 2011 to 23/03/15 – Wood Group PSN (GLA) – Principal Process Engineer (Contractor)

(Assigned to the TAQA /BP Contract)

  • Responsible for a team of 5 Process Engineers -“Line list As Building” in addition to: Off Shore design of Fiscal sampling, chemical injection, nitrogen generation (Membrane & PSA), trouble-shooting potable water systems; Refurbishment & Hazops of off/onshore pig receivers & launchers (Incorporating Line plugs) to incorporate subsea pipelines and a variety of RO work. Undertake GAP on PSM of each project. Originator of TOR’s - attendance at Hazop’s for a number of clients over a variety of scopes as Independent Process Engineer including an off shore simplification project for topsides on a North Sea asset. I also hold Hazop’s as the RE thus responsible for action checking & report checking / approval for close out.
  • Originate and check: Alarm and Trip Schedules, Basis of Design, Calculations, Data Sheets, Hydraulic Calculations, Line Lists plus supporting calculations, procedures, reports, tie in schedules. Checking leak testing information for piping, Technical Information Notes, HYSYS simulations, mass balance, control valve, relief, pump/compressor sizing. P & ID & constructability reviews with the client. Originate and modify Standard Operating Procedure documents. Client Scope Cost Challenge; finalize CTR’s and populate SOW’s.
  • Troubleshoot / redesign an electochlorinator skid – Sodium Hypochlorite production for sea water lift system.
  • Direct Liaison with the client’s process, mechanical and technical safety TA’s, to resolve any design issues. To provide the optimum solution, minimizing shutdown, maximizing operability, reducing cost without compromising constructability, safety or maintainability during its operational lifespan.
  • Review of work-packs / sign off, for offshore implementation.
  • Teleconference offshore to resolve project issues, pinch-points and propose technical solutions.
  • Review & checking of pressure relief calculations for “Aurora” Sullom Voe Terminal.

 Jan 2011 to Dec 2011 – FW Glasgow (Based Ineos Refinery) – Senior Process Engineer (Contractor)

  • Assigned to the 2013 TAR. Low Nox burner technology, fuel gas conditioning skids. Liaison with filter skid & burner manufacturers to design & procure from dual fuel to single fuel usage for the CDU1 & 2 Fired crude feed heaters.
  • Use of AFT Arrow – Site Fuel Gas hydraulics emphasize predicted generation & consumption flows into the ring main to determine peak import flows from the TRANSCO grid .
  •  HYSYS simulations to determine physical data for Foster Wheeler Fired Heater Division; upgrade of fired heater burners from fuel oil to fuel gas (Emissions Directive).
  •  In addition ROSOV Installation to main refinery units following the Buncefield recommendations.

 Jul 2010 Dec 2010 – Amec Aberdeen – Senior Process Engineer (Contractor)

  • Conoco Phillips: Britannia Long Term Compression. As part of the Study Group involved in the FEED stage of an off-shore booster compressor. P & ID reviews, calculations, data sheets & reports.

 Nov 2009 to Jun 2010 – Wood Group PSN (ABZ) – Senior Process Engineer (Contractor)

  • Assigned to Talisman - AUK South Redevelopment (Conceptual Rationalization), datasheet, calculations and report writing.

Feb 2007 to Nov 2009 – Wood Group PSN (GLA) – Process/Senior Engineer (Contractor)

  • Assigned to SVT AURORA FEED study and follow on detailed design of the gas plant. HYSYS (Limited with FLARENET), detailed design: gas dehydration package seeking technical advice from BP Sunbury (mole sieve) & export reciprocating compression, H2S Puraspec (TM). Chemical Injection: hydrazine scavenger & methanol injection to include retractable quills. Flare & closed drain system design including Closed Drains drum.
  • Datasheets, Line lists, PID development etc. PSV, control valve sizing, line slugging, determination of di-electric constant and the delivery of TIN’s. HP/LP interface study in all conjunction with client GP’s / ETP’s.
  • HAC schedule & drawings in accordance with IP15 3rd edition, July 2005. Attendance of the above package Hazops / SIL reviews (re-design to reduce SIL 3’s), action of Hazop responses – Originator of Safe Charts to then develop Cause & Effect charts.
  • Mentoring of a Graduate.

 Oct 2006 to Feb 2007 – Ineos Refinery – Process Engineer (Contractor)

  • Coordination of process design - tank farm refurbishment and debottle-neck / troubleshoot of winter MOGAS blending. Exposure to AFT Arrow to simulate & debottleneck butane system. Proposal to reduce backpressure downstream of static mixer by 1.5 psi & HYSYS.
  • Cirrus was used to determine portable or fixed spray tank extinguishers. All work was driven by the Buncefield report.

 Dec 2001 to Oct 2006 – McFarlan Smith Pharmaceuticals – Process Engineer (Contractor)

  • Working in conjunction with the HSE department – to attend Design Reviews, hazardous area classification and adherence of cGMP. Projects ranged from the originating the FDS, equipment design, vendor & contractor selection, equipment procurement, / install, commission and validate a pilot plant (QVF equipment) handling potent material. Pressure purge inerting & control philosophy of a tray dryer. Scale up emissions provided to initially size gas scrubber. Responsible for the solids handling containment philosophy document.
  • Troubleshooting a hydrogenation facility; the design & installation of a stand-by nitrogen vaporizer (Costings also considered for onsite PSA nitrogen generation). Selection criteria, design & project manage to provide site with a reliable vacuum source by the implementation of SIHI 1000 dry running, twin screw pump skid. My other work involved permanent VOC measuring equipment, scrubber design & troubleshooting, new process implementation to existing plant, zoning exercises & troubleshooting bursting disc / relief issues. Carbon bed sizing for VOC abatement.
  • Attendance of daily production meetings to ensure targets will be achieved & corrective actions appropriately communicated. Execute smaller projects, including a utility survey, by implementing the site Minor Modifications change procedure.
  • Regular update of project progress & costs to produce monthly reports to the engineering team lead.

 Feb 2001 to Nov 2001 – Isola Werke Ltd – HSE & 6Sigma Manager (Staff)

  • I was responsible for the Safety Reps, organising training courses for them to attend. I have overseen the reconstruction of a batch bromination reactor applying an in house HAZOP. I compiled a training program for operators & maintenance staff incorporating an I Chem E video – “Control of Exothermic Reactions.” (Made redundant Dec 2001)

Jun 1998 to Jan 2001 – Isola Werke Ltd – Process Manager (Staff)

  • Preliminary design and review of process improvement projects and minor modifications. Daily production meetings with Ops to ensure production was optimized and waste minimized. I acted as technical resource; I gained Six Sigma - “Black Belt” status for quality improvement; completing a joint project with an annual saving of £500K. Extensive travel sharing improvement plans throughout the ISOLA European manufacturing sites. Liaising closely with raw material suppliers with continual improvements
  • Large Involvement in a £15M project to introduce a solvent free- technology impregnation line (Allan Bradley Control) & HEPA filtered Class10K cleanrooms for lay-up.

 Jan 1998 to Jun 1998 – GSK Irvine – Process Engineer (Staff)

  • I was the Client Rep for a £11M fast track automated de-bottleneck project FEEDS, HAZOPS, originating & operations review of commissioning procedures and assisting to oversee plant construction by Motherwell Bridge, Fischer Rosemount & James Scott. Defining the sequence logic diagrams, providing training for the Batch Data Manager and FAT the software for the project. I was actively involved on a day-shift basis co-coordinating the plant commissioning, validation and then optimisation of the process to improve plant capacity.
  • Leading a GSK shift Commissioning Team of operators responsible for process and utility commissioning (Steam, nitrogen, solvents & effluents) IQ/OQ/PQ validation (cGMP guidelines), and qualification batches.
  • Attending daily progress meetings that summarises the current status versus the plan, working to a plant hand over date – over a 4 month period. Custodian of the project punch list
  • Direct liaison with vendors to troubleshoot start up issues - solids handling to Pfaudler glass lined vessels / make up, metered dosing pumps, crystallization / isolation in pressure filter dryers (PSL & Cogiem)
  •  I then undertook a study to optimise vacuum (Busch Cobra) and reduce the drying / cycle times in C276 PFD’s, by 20%.
  • Author of the spading register, in line with frozen P&ID’s; managing a change register prior to start-up. 
  • Utility projects on the site ASU, cooling tower expansion to optimise operation of a 4 stage steam ejector – to provide dedicated vacuum for a high temperature distillation.

 Mar 1997 to Dec 1997 – GSK Irvine – Relief Shift Operations Team Leader (Staff)

  • Dedicated to a 13 man shift, dealing with 8 stages of two pharmaceutical final products. Responsible for resolving process & software related problems whilst complying with CGMP. Directing two tradesmen to resolve plant issues (An issuer of PTW’s), arranging cover / overtime. Sign off of batch sheets, raising non conformance, liaison with solvent recovery plant & sign off of QA documents. Responsible for shift hand over & attendance of the daily production meeting when on early shift.

Jan 1994 to Feb 1997 – GSK Irvine – Graduate Process Engineer (Staff)

  • I was Team Leader of 3 projects in process automation for new/existing plant (£15M). I was the cells “Environmental Owner,” responsible for audits and maintaining Integrated Pollution Control authorization, jointly dealing with SEPA. I was the lead engineer implementing the brainstorming sessions and raising SOW’s for implementation of the waste minimisation team. We successfully reused and optimised the reclaiming of chlorinated solvents. As a result an approximate annual saving of £2M was made.
  • Responsible for delivering an educational programme to operator’s to highlight the awareness of the risks associated with dusts.
  • Initial trials of a BOPP metallic filter mesh versus a polypropylene filter cloth, for an intermediate.
  • Originator & implementation of plant turnarounds, procurement of equipment & planning of labour to execute. Sign off with the plant manager prior to commission / startup.

 Aug 1993 to Dec 1993 – Resolution Chemicals – Temp Shift Process Operator

Aug 1991 to Aug 1992 – GSK Irvine – Undergraduate Process Engineer

Jun 1990 to Sept 1990 – MTM Stockton – Vacation Work

Jun 1989 to Sept 1989 – Dinol GB Ltd – Vacation Work – Sponsored by Shell & Durham University Business School – Working to resolve quality issues using SPC / BS5750



  • Risktec “Hazard Identification” CPD Module – (Jan – Feb 2015) – Distinction attained.
  • BOSIET qualified & current medical for off shore work in UK & Norwegian sector (Expiry Jun 2019)
  • HSE – LOPA (Practical Application & Pitfalls) Course – July 2013.
  • Aspentech – HYSYS – Process Modelling (Oil & Gas Focus) – September 2008.
  • Control of Static & Powder explosions (1 day Chilworth Technology – November 05)
  • Technical Seminar - Vacuum & PFD technology (3 days- Rosenmund & SIHI – June 05)
  • Industry “Hot Topics” (0.5 day ABB – May 05)
  • Assessment & Management of risks (1 day Corporate Health & Safety Solutions - April 05)
  • Hazardous Area Management (Atex 94/9EC & DSEAR - 1 day – ABB – March 05)
  • A Hazop Team Leader (Attendance of the IChem E, 2 day course) – June 03
  • Batch Reactors (2 days – Pfaudler Balfour – April 03)
  • The IChem E 5 day module in “Hazards in Process Plant Design & Operation” (5 days – Sept 01)


Mr Dave Pottinger, (Engineering Manager)

Mr Doug Forrest

WGPSN, John Wood House, Greenwell Road.

Process Focal Point

Aberdeen. AB12 3AX.

WGPSN, Finch Way, Bellshill.

Glasgow. ML4 3PR


Tel: 01224 532760